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Wild Flower Project

Wildflower Seed Update October 2021: Sowing Wildflower Seeds! 

On Sunday 10th October, as it is our “Harvest” service at church,  I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to plant out the wildflower seeds that we were generously donated to finish off our 2021 Wildflower project ready for a colourful harvest of wildflowers in 2022 (hopefully!). So the plan is to do this after the church service on 10th October. 

1/ AREA ONE. (See photo). The Patch of bare land by the church - take the area once more to loosen the soil. If there are any persistent weeds still hanging around remove them. Then mix well seed pot A with some sand or dry soil and split into 3 portions and scatter as evenly as possible over the whole area. When done tread methodically over the whole area to help the seed dig in. 

2/ AREAS 2, 3 and 4 (see photo).

AREA 2 = on the church yard, along the hedge by Malthouse Lane. 

AREA 3 = The “Triangle” of grass by the turning circle in front of the IC toilets.

AREA 4 = The “Bank” by Little Angels play area. 

Tadley United Reformed Church Wild Flower Project